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I can snowboard well so what surfboard should I get?

Sorry to burst your bubble but being a good snowboarder won't help as much as you think when learning to surf.  

Whilst snowboarding will help you a little once you get to your feet - the hardest parts in learning to surf is actually finding a wave, being in the right spot at the right time and then actually getting to your feet.

In a surf session you don't actually get that many chances to get to your feet - as it's hard to be in the right spot at the right time.  So to ensure you have the best chance when you do finally get find a wave you want a stable board.

The more times you get to your feet and get moving along a wave the quicker you will learn and build your wave knowledge.  We see to many people go too short too soon. Many people think that just the standing bit is the goal. Technically yes, they get to their feet - but then they fall off or don't realise that they have missed out on riding the wave because the board is too small and they have stopped dead in the water while the wave passed them by.

So the ideal learning board is still the same one we recommend for all beginners -  a longboard or minimal shape.  Overall because of your "board experience" it is likely you will learn faster but you can't skip the first steps

You can easily spend a good year with loads of beach time before you might be ready to progress. Keep in mind with a longboard you will get re-sale value so if you end up progressing fast you could sell and move down to say fish surfboard.  But don't underestimate how long it can take to get there

So unfortunately if we could get towed into waves like we do with ski lifts then it would be a whole lot quicker and easier to learn for all of us.  But I don't see lifts or jet skis in the surf anytime soon - so do yourself a favour and learn faster by learning slower and start with that longboard!  

Check our size guides out here (and maybe take 6 inches off thanks to your super board skills)

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