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What Softboard Size Should I Get?

Who are you:

  • I really want a softboard to learn on
  • I want to surf between the flags
  • I don't want to spend too much on a surfboard

What are some of your biggest surfing challenges:

  • Catching a wave and getting to your feet!
  • Getting to the beach regularly
  • Being price conscious

What’s going to solve them:

  • You need maximum floatation and stability
  • You need to understand softboards don’t actually surf very well because of the rubber fins and board flex so they are really only for the first few surfs or for kids.

The best surfboard for a beginner:

  • Softboard - only if you only get to the beach a couple times a year and are price conscious. If you are an adult or heavier surfer you should strongly consider a normal fiberglass board as a better investment.
  • Softboards are good for kids to try surfing for the first time to see if they will stick with it.
  • Minimal and Longboard surfboards – these are better to learn on and progress further with. They will last you much longer.

What size softboard should I choose then?

  • Use the below easy guide to pick the right softboard for you




    Softboards for Beginners



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