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the best beginner surfboard guide


What the most Important when learning to surf?

Choosing the right beginner surfboard can be a real challenge, but if you follow a few simple guidelines then you make learning to surf a lot easier and have so much more fun.

In our opinion bigger is better, you'll hear about volume, length, width and thickness. The more volume you have in a board the easier it will be to catch waves, as you can paddle faster. 

The volume of a surfboard is directly related to the size, so length, width and thickness all play an important factor.

When choosing the right beginners surfboard; a simple way of working out what volume would suit you the best is to take you weight in kilograms (Kg) and choose a board with 3/4 (75%) your body weight in volume of liters (L) on average.


16.25Kg = 1/4 (25%) of 65Kg
65Kg - 16.25Kg = 48.75Kg
If you weight 65Kg then get a surfboard around 49L of volume.


As you get better at surfing you will be able to reduce the volume down, typically an intermediate surfer will choose a board thats approximately 40% of their body weight on average.

Using Our Beginners Surfboard Size Guide below will help you get the right surfboard to start enjoying your journey of leaning to surf .



Who are you:

  • An absolute beginner
  • I had a lesson or two but want my own board

What are some of your biggest surfing challenges:

  • Catching a wave and getting to your feet!
  • Knowing what board will help you learn the fastest

What’s going to solve them:

  • You need maximum floatation and stability
  • Ensuring your board is not too small. Going too small too early will actually slow your progress
  • Understanding that it takes quite a longtime and dedication to learn to surf

The best beginner surfboard for you:

  • Our Minimal and Longboard surfboards – these float the best and are the most stable. You will paddle and get to your feet the easiest. It takes a long time to master the basics so this will last you.
  • But you really want a “normal” shortboard?  Our fish surfboards have good volume for this but you really need to be light, small, young or very water fit and coordinated.
  • What about a softboard?  These are only good for small kids or for the first few goes.  

What size surfboard should I ride then?

Use the below table as a guide.



Mini-mal / Longboard Surfboards


beginner surfboards size chart

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